[CT Birds] tern article in New London's "The Day" newspaper; N.PINTAIL

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Wed Oct 27 09:37:01 EDT 2010

In today's (Oct. 27) The Day, the New London region newspaper, there  was a 
very nice article on the success story of least tern and piping plover  
breeding on Sandy Point, the mile long sand island off Stonington.  It's  nice 
to read a birding success story with your first cup of coffee in the  morn.  
The article's title is "Tern-around at Sandy Point".  I'm sure  it is 
available online also at The Day website.
one addendum to my report on ducks and geese yesterday in the Wallingford  
and Meriden area:
1 f. NORTHERN PINTAIL --  I forgot to write it down but I think we saw  it 
at Bishop's Pond in Meriden but it might have been McKenzie Reservoir.   
After looking thru so many geese yesterday my brain is on goose overload.   
After yesterday I have so much respect for those of you who can look thru 
1000's  of geese or gulls and come up with the one which is different!  It takes  
great skill and patience.  I'll get there someday!
Carolyn Cimino

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