[CT Birds] Barnacle Goose, Wallingford and Forster's Terns, Westport

Zagorski, Sara szagorski at daypitney.com
Wed Oct 27 11:17:55 EDT 2010

Tina Green just called (11:15 am) to report that, after quite a lengthy
wild goose chase, she finally located the BARNACLE GOOSE in Wallingford
that has been eluding her for a few weeks. The Barnacle Goose is
currently hanging out with a large flock of geese on Cooke Rd, which
intersects with Whirlwind Hill Rd, past the McKenzie Reservoir.

Tina also reported that earlier this morning she had 3 FORSTER'S TERNS
at Sherwood Island in Westport.

Sara Zagorski

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