[CT Birds] Southport Survey #243

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Oct 28 14:34:51 EDT 2010

Southport Survey # 243

The tide was low and the island exposed. The wind was out of the  
south west with a morning haze. Off shore things were empty except  
for a Common Loon with a flock of mostly Ring-billed Gulls overhead.

At the Golf course there were 3 Cattle Egrets on the lawns. These  
were a new species for the survey. They just flew in when I parked.  
When I was ready to leave they were hard to find. Instead of the  
lawns, they were skulking through the broom grass in the roughs and  
not easy to spot. The other interesting point was the abundance of  
Ring-billed Gulls. They were likely recent arrivals. Mute Swans  
continue to be missing from the area.

Dennis Varza

DATE	9/29	10/8	10/21	10/28
Tide	Low	Low-R	High	Low
Time	7:30	7:20	9:30	8:40

Brant	0_ 0_36_9
Canada Goose	0_63_24_0
Mute Swan	3_0_0_0
American Black Duck	0_4_0_9
Mallard	10_12_2_9
Common Loon	0_0_0_1
Red-throated Loon	_0_0_1_0
Double-crested Cormorant	74_53_44_56
Great Blue Heron	1_1_1_1
Great Egret	8_2_0_1
Snowy Egret	3_0_0_0
Cattle Egret	0_0_0_1
Killdeer	4_0_0_0
Semipalmated Plover	5_0_0_0
American Oystercatcher	1_0_0_0
Sanderling	3_0_0_6
Greater Yellowelgs	0_1_0_0
Laughing Gull	12_1_15_10
Laughing Gull Im	0_1_0_0
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	56_59_41_155
Ring-billed Gull Im.	2_4_5_13
Herring Gull Ad.   	84_95_35_52
Herring Gull Im.   	4_4_5_2
Great Black-backed Gull Ad.	11_6_3_7
Great Black-backed Gull Im.	0_0_2_0

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