[CT Birds] Other recent Northeastern rarities

Dasinger, Andrew M UTPWR andrew.dasinger at UTCPower.com
Fri Oct 29 09:23:33 EDT 2010

I've had some good vicarious birding recently....


Virginia's Warbler - New Brunswick, Canada (10/26, not relocated) 

Bronzed Cowbird - Rockland, Maine (on 10/24, still at feeder; photos) 

Yellow-billed Loon - Rockland, Maine (10/26; from whale-watching boat;

Golden-crowned Sparrow - New Hampshire (10/17-19; at a feeder) 

LeConte's SparrowS - recent bird in MA at Great Meadows NWR(initially
mis-id'd as Nelsons); Portland Maine (10/24-26); Rhode Island (10/19) 

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - Martha's Vineyard (10/27; farther away but
to our north on PEI, 10/15) 

Prothonotary Warbler - hanging out with House Sparrows on the steps of
the NY Public Library for days!

Bell's VireoS - Nahant, MA (10/19), Nova Scotia (10/20)

Possible Baird's Sparrow - Nova Scotia (10/12)

Cave SwallowS - Derby Hill, NY (10/26; total of 19 flying past; from
Ontario: 60 at Point Pelee, over 100 at Long Point, 3 in Toronto on

Gray Kingbird - Savannah, NY (10/23; photos, not relocated)

Unidentified Martin sp. - Great Meadows NWR (10/19; much farther west,
at Holiday Beach, Ontario, another unid'd martin on 10/28)


Andrew Dasinger

South Glastonbury

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