[CT Birds] Stratford sparrows & more

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 18:43:48 EDT 2010

  From Scott Kruitbosch:
10/30/10 - Stratford, Great Meadows IBA -- 1 FOX SPARROW, 1 NELSON'S
SPARROW, 4 NORTHERN PINTAIL, Marine One with a counterpart and 3 Chinook
flying quite low nearly overhead.
Stratford, Stratford Point -- 1 SNOW BUNTING on the beach. A few of the
usual sparrows, all a bit quiet as 1 American Kestrel and 1 Northern Harrier
patrolled the grasslands. 1 Surf Scoter was very close to shore.
Stratford, community gardens -- 1 WILSON'S SNIPE as found by Charlie
Stratford, Boothe Park -- 3 PINE SISKIN, ~30 PURPLE FINCH.
Stratford yard -- 2 female PURPLE FINCH at feeders for a second day.

Migration will be nearly non-existent tonight with SW winds, so the Le
Conte's should stick. We have a cold front coming through early Sunday. The
high that builds in behind it will bring in the coldest air of the season
and of course a good NW winds migration tomorrow night.

Scott Kruitbosch
Stratford, CT
Connecticut Audubon Society

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