[CT Birds] Meigs Point Hammo early morning

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Oct 30 21:48:56 EDT 2010

A good windy morning for shorebirds and a few waterfowl at Meigs  
Point, Hammonasset 8:00 am. The pond at Meigs had 31 black ducks  
feeding heavily. A blue wing teal dropped in for a moment and flew out  
as quickly as it came in. Along the beach and near/on the breakwater  
were: approx. 50 sanderling, 15 dunlin, 13 black bellied plover  
including one with a very pale partially leucistic plumage which I  
have seen in the group off and on for the last few weeks. Also in the  
group were two semi-palmated sandpipers and one purple sandpiper.  
There were 26 ruddy turnstone in the group which are the most I have  
seen at Meigs this year. Flying by the point were 13 brant (which  
landed in the lee of the rocks at the Eastern end of the Moraine  
trail), three small groups of surf scoter-16 total, two small groups  
of white wing scoter- 8 total, 3 oldsquaw, a pair of red breasted  
merganser (1 dr + 1 hen), and 1 red throated loon. No laughing gulls  
today. 3 greater yellowlegs flew into the marsh at the end of the  
Moraine trail from Clinton harbor. In the mouth of the creek along the  
tidal flats at the end of the trail 3 black ducks and a hen pintail  
which may be the same bird I have seen and photographed for the last  
two weeks. Many yellow rumped warblers, chickadees, juncos and  
unidentified sparrows. One sharp shinned hawk chasing a crow along the  
road near the circle on the drive out of the park at 10:30 am.

Keith Mueller    KIllingworth

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