[CT Birds] Meigs Point Hammo early this morning

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sun Oct 31 15:58:44 EDT 2010

Just before 8:00 am this morning at Meigs point, spent about 45  
minutes and saw quite a few waterfowl/shorebirds moving. There were a  
few black ducks in meigs pond including one great blue heron. There  
were approx. 100 +/- sanderlings on the beach near and on the  
breakwater. Hard to get a good count because many of the sanderlings  
would fly in and out of the area. Some would leave and head West,  
while fresh flocks would arrive from the East. Fewer dunlins, and two  
small flocks of dunlin came from the East and didn't stop, they just  
kept flying West. THere were fewer turnstones as well, but still a  
good number to watch and photograph. For waterfowl: 61 brant came from  
the lee side of the rocks at the Eastern end of the Moraine trail and  
headed West. Two common loons were swimming just off the SE end of the  
breakwater, and two small groups flying West outside of the  
breakwater- 7 in the first group, and 4 in the second. 3 red breasted  
mergansers, 5 white wing scoter, and one beautiful adult gannet all  
just outside the breakwater and heading West.

The parking area next to the nature center had a flock of 29 black  
bellied plover who were chased off by someone walking their dog, they  
headed East towards Kelsey Point Breakwater, probably to the sandbars  
off Westbrook beach. There were 19 black ducks East of the parking lot  
in the flooded marsh along with 1 great blue heron, 3 great egret, and  
one bittern.

For birds of prey: 5 harriers (all brown), 1 merlin, 1 peregrine  
fly-by (which stirred up the sanderlings), 1 immy coopers hawk, and 2  
osprey who were fishing in swan pond (1 made an unsuccessful dive).  
There was also a flock of 27 cedar waxwings in a tree along the middle  
road of the park. Many yellow rumped warblers and 1 unidentified vireo  
(looking into the sun).

Thank you to Sara Zagorski for your post regarding the avocets and  
golden plovers at cabelas, my wife and I headed up there after lunch  
and had a successful afternoon. I managed to take about a 1000 images  
of them, and most of the time the birds were within a few yards and  
often at my feet along the edge of the pond! Thank You again!! Met  
many birders from this site and it was a pleasure to meet and talk  
with you. On the drive up to East Hartford up Rte 9 and 91 we managed  
to count 13 red tail hawks (all perched along the highway except for 3  
that were flying), and 1 red shouldered hawk flying across rte 9.

Keith Mueller    Killingworth

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