[CT Birds] Windsor Barnacle Goose

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Alas, there were no unusual geese present at this location when I hurriedly arrived there around 5:15 or so this evening.  However, there are numerous corn fields in the area and plenty of places for geese to go.  There were flocks on the ground in a corn field off Day Hill Road about 1/2 west of the Konica Minolta building, in another corn field off Old Day Hill, which is just east of the building, and also a lot of geese on the lawns and around a largish pond at Waterside Crossing, which is off CT 189 near Vito's something or other restaurant.  I also noted numerous skeins of geese flying east; I know there are cornfields along the Farmington River in Windsor but I don't know how to get there.  Jay mentioned a couple hundred birds; in various places I must have seen and scanned through nearly two thousand honkers, all with chin straps.

Hopefully this bird will stick for a spell anyway until more of us can catch up with it.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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 Brian Kleinman reported a Barnacle Goose and Cackling Geese off Day Hill Road in Windsor in front of the Konica Minolta Building at approximately 2:30 PM on Sunday afternoon. The building is on the left about 2 miles (east?) from the intersection with Route 187. Gil Kleiner and I arrived at 3:15 PM and although we couldn't find the Cackling Geese, the Barnacle Goose was quite easy to pick out amidst the several hundred Canadas feeding on the lawn in front of the building. The geese wre still present when we left past 3:45 PM.

Jay Kaplan

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