[CT Birds] Saturday morning-"a little bit of this and that" West Haven and Guilford

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Nov 6 21:23:08 EDT 2010

Along the West Haven beaches-a few hundred brant on sandy point  
sandbar, 5 common loons inside the sandbar just out from the boat  
ramp, 1 merlin flying over the harbor and 1 harrier near the treatment  
plant. A pair of redtails at bradley point flying into the marsh  
across the street. 9 Ruddies inside bradley rock with black ducks. A  
small flock of monks in the usual place near Woodmont traffic circle.  
Outside the cove at the circle besides the usual Canada geese and  
mallards were 11 red breasted mergansers and 2 bufflehead. Looked  
through all the gulls along the beaches didn't see anything other than  
the "usuals". 60 brant off long wharf with a few black ducks. The  
marshes along Leetes Island Road in Guilford-3 g b herons and 1 adult  
black crowned night heron (perched on the old pilings). The tidal pond  
at the corner of Leetes Island Road and Sachem Head Road with a  
falling tide had a good flock of greater yellowlegs-31 plus 3 lesser  
yellowlegs,5 kildeer and 1 pectoral sandpiper with 9 black ducks. On  
the large rock inside Great Harbor at the end of Trolley Road had 7  
laughing gulls (most likely from the same birds I saw yesterday). 5  
BOBWHITE ran across the road in front of my truck on Sachem Head. A  
large flock of turkey were on both sides of 148 near my home and 3  
ravens and 1 red shouldered hawk in my yard. Interesting day!

Keith MUeller    Killingworth

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