[CT Birds] A pesky Flicker

Orientale, Eugene EOrienta at stfranciscare.org
Mon Nov 8 18:58:34 EST 2010

Hello all,

I am a victim of both good and bad fortune. My newly found passion for feeding the birds in my neighborhood has resulted in a number of devoted guests, including several from the woodpecker clan: many pairs of downy, a single pair of Hairy, occasional red bellied, and most recently, a pair of gorgeous flickers. Unfortunately, the male of the flicker pair is not content with suet alone; he has found his way to the cedar clapboard on my home. There is a single deteriorating piece of window trim on my attic closet window- and the male flicker keeps pecking away at the board. I plan to replace it in the spring, and have been filling the holes with wooden 'plaster.' Yet, the flicker keeps returning.

Any thoughts on how I might divert his interest back to my feeder and away from my home? My wife Jean, who insisted I throw this out to the CT birding community at large, would be most appreciative! Many thanks-

Eugene Orientale
Glastonbury, CT
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