[CT Birds] Bishops Pond Meriden (Thank You Jan Collins for the post) add a few species....

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Tue Nov 9 13:53:18 EST 2010

I grew up in Meriden (South) and moved to Killingworth 11 years ago.  
Meriden has come a long way for birding between the Quinnipiac River,  
Hanover Pond (used to be in my back yard-I have often seen interesting  
species there such as an adult bald eagle 4 years ago in Jan.), Broad  
Brook, Black Pond, New Dam, Silver Lake, Hubbard Park, Mirror Lake and  
Bishops Ponds. I remember when Bishops Pond was a small swamp (usally  
held a few mallards, black ducks and geese), now it appears to have  
become a premier waterfowl staging area. I was in Meriden today and I  
saw Jan Collin's post on the site, so I decided to swing by. Thank YOu  
Jan...it was great! I was able to take quite a few images of the  
ducks. I usually have to wait for the late season freeze until the  
wigeon show up off West Haven or Seaside Park in Bridgeport to take  
images. This is the first time for me to be photographing Wigeon in  
early November in the company of several other species.

Trying to count the wigeon was a bit difficult since some would fly  
out of the ponds from time to time, while others would drop in; but I  
did count at least 60+ wigeon. I also saw the 3 shovelers and 3  
pintail and the 1 hen ruddy. Besides the mallards, black ducks and  
geese, there were 3 GADWALL, 2 COOT, 1 PIED BILLED GREBE and 20 +/-  

Keith Mueller   Killingworth

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