[CT Birds] LHPP .. 207 Hawks + Cave Swallow

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Tue Nov 9 20:12:46 EST 2010

  LHPP .. 207 Hawks + Cave Swallow

It was a very windy, blusterly day at Lighthouse Point today, Tuesday, but the Hawks were flying.
Ended up with 207 for the day...:: TV...1//  Osprey... 1  //Northern Harrier... 11  //Sharp-Shinned Hawk... 88  // Cooper's Hawk... 25.. //
Red-Shouldered Hawk... 14  // Red-Tailed Hawk... 48  // American Kestrel... 4  // Merlin... 2  //Peregrine Falcon... 6... and 7 Buteos we just couldn't get a positive identity on. Cloud cover was nice today, as was the help from Paul Desjardins, Don Morgan, Corrie Folsom-O'Keefe, Marty Moore and Chris. 
Other birds of note was 1 CAVE SWALLOW, 49,000 Common Grackles, About 450 Red-Wing Blackbirds, 1,000 American Robins, 35 Eastern Bluebirds, and the usual mix of Siskins, Goldfinches, Chickadees and House finches.
Altogether, another nice day.
Bill Banks

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