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 From Jay Kaplan:

12/18/10 Hartford CBC - - 89 species. Notable birds included Brant(rare inland), N. Shoveler, Great Cormorant (rare inland), Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Killdeer, Long-eared and Short-eared Owl, E. Towhee, Lincoln's Sparrow, Snow Bunting, Rusty Blackbird and a roost of 20,000 crows. 




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With only about half the participants in the Oxford CBC reporting, and none of 

them added up, and not much consistency on which birds constitute a highlight...

 From Frank Gallo:

1 Rusty Blackbird, 481 (!) Common Grackles, 71 Black Vultures, 1 American Coot.

 From Paul Fusco:

2 Eastern Meadowlark.

 From Ken Elkins:

4 owl species including 7 Eastern Screech Owl and 1 Long-eared Owl, Gray 


 From Renee Baade:

2 Black Ducks (hard to find around here!).

 From Steve Mayo:

13 American Pipit.

 From Roy Harvey & Randi Domina:

1 Common Raven, 3 Field Sparrow, 2 Eastern Towhee, 8 Eastern Screech Owl.

Roy Harvey

Beacon Falls, CT


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