[CT Birds] Cedar Mountain Newington - toll brothers has not backed down and help is needed

Claudia cllongmore at cox.net
Mon Dec 20 17:16:25 EST 2010

I've forwarded emails re cedar mountain previously,  so I hope that it isn't
a problem using this list to make people aware of toll brothers new tactics
.     please see gail's message below .   we need to preserve the mountain
as open space, so any help would be greatly appreciated .   her contact
numbers are listed ,   mine are :


Claudia longmore

3 schoolhouse crossing

Wethersfield, ct

cllongmore at cox.net



From: Gayle Raducha [mailto:gmarie1010 at sbcglobal.net] 
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 12:22 PM
To: Claudia Longmore
Subject: Cedar Mountain Newington


I'm writing to plead for your assistance.  Cedar Mountain is known for it's
hiking, bird watching and nature habitat. Numerous species of birds have
been seen here, along with deer, wild turkeys and coyotes.  I hike the many
trails at least 3-4 times a week with my dog.  I am always running into
other people who are bird watching or just hiking with their family or
friends.  I've worked with the local area Audubon members in the past,
conducting nature hikes on the mountain.  There have also been a number of
bird watching events as well.  The mountain is over 350 acres of natural


Toll Bros. has been trying to purchase and develop the mountain for the past
2 years.   Three sections of the mountain are owned by different
corporations.  The State owns one small piece of undeveloped land behind
Cedar Crest Hospital.  But the largest piece of land (approximately 200
acres) is owned by a company in Ireland named Newcastle. This property runs
from Russell Rd in Wethersfield to Mountain Rd. in Newington, and from the
old Balf Quarry to the Humane Society. My understanding, though I am finding
it very difficult to get any answers or research the sale, is that Balf
Quarry sold everything - the quarry and the land to Tilcon, who then sold it
to Newcastle.  Toll Bros had originally tried to purchase the land from
Balf, and is now working with Newcastle.  We were able to stop Toll Bros.
first attempt due to zoning issues.  The second proposal was withdrawn, we
think due to the number of people prepared to fight them again.  But this
time, they are  conducting their preliminary work under the radar, with the
assistance of the Newington Town Council, so that if/when they are approved,
they can start building immediately.  And then it will be too late to stop


Being on the mountain all the time, I've seen what they have been doing in
the past month.  Trees are being marked, land surveys have been done and
traffic studies have started - all at Toll Bros. cost, as they do not yet
own the land.  They must be certain the deal will go through. Why bother
spending that kind of money if not?  They brought in a bulldozer and back
hoe, digging trenches all over the mountain to find out what it would take
to blast through the rock.  I have talked to every "official person" I have
seen up there, including the equipment operators.  And I have been told the
same thing by all of them.  Toll Bros. is ramping up to build.  And they
want to do it quietly, because they have been stopped by public outrage and
bad publicity in the past.  A fellow hiker- Jim,  told me he had been trying
to get answers from the Newington Council, but was continually pushed off.
When he ran into the mayor, Jim asked him point blank what was happening on
the mountain.  The mayor denied knowing anything.  As the mayor was trying
to walk off, Michael asked about the surveyors tape and marked trees all
over the mountain.  The mayors response?  "It's probably kids".  The mayor
refused to respond when asked if these kids were also driving the backhoes
and bulldozers.  


There is a site on Facebook called "Save Cedar Mountain".  We are in the
process of getting some general  information out to the 2,000 members, just
to make them aware of what is going on, in the hopes that we can rally yet
again to stop  Toll Bros. We are hoping once and for all.  Cedar Mountain is
the only natural habitat of it's kind anywhere in the area.  It should stay
that way.  If there is anyway you can assist us - a rare bird, animal or
plant study, anything to help us stop this development.  We are trying to
have this declared as open space, and stop any attempts at development once
an for all.  Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.  


Where will all these animals go when their trees are taken down, and their
homes are blasted away.  All of my contact information is below. Please help



38 Schoolhouse Crossing
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Gmarie1010 at sbcglobal.net (email)
860-798-6940 (mobile)
860-257-9790 (home) 


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