[CT Birds] This morning in Madison from West Wharf to Hammonasset-COMMON EIDERS, PURPLE SANDPIPERS and RAZORBILL Keith Mueller

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Thu Dec 23 13:36:28 EST 2010

I just love these December windy days! Started at 7:00am  this morning  
at West Wharf in Madison. Saw a few goldeneye and red breasted  
mergansers fly by headed west to Half Acre Reef. 2 Common Loons  
present and then two flying strings of White Wing Scoter also headed  
west towards Half Acre Reef. The first string had 17 birds, and 8 in  
the second string which contained one hen COMMON EIDER in the rear of  
the flock.

Left the wharf and stopped on the sea wall on Sea View Ave. and  
located a flock of 15 Common Goldeneye around Whistler Rock (east of  
Tuxis Island), no Barrows. Plenty of mallards and black ducks swimming  
along the sea wall.

The beach of East Wharf had a small flock of sanderlings, and 5 Common  
Goldeneye around the rocks just east of the parking area. There was an  
additional 7 goldeneyes east of this flocks location, no barrows.

Meigs Point Hammonasset. I walked out on the jetty to nearly the end,  
and saw approx 50 shorebirds: mostly dunlin with 13 PURPLE SANDPIPERS  
hiding in the lower boulders on the lee side of the jetty. There were  
two red throated loons on the water beyond the outer ledge rocks, and  
1 fly by red throated loon. 3 Common Loons were also present east of  
the jetty. There were plenty of shorebirds flying with possibly  
additional PURPLE SANDPIPERS in these flocks (the flocks were  
constantly moving).

I then walked over to the Morane Trail by the beach and saw a single  
RAZORBILL swimming close to shore just below the observation platform  
(the bird alert I posted earlier). The bird stayed for quite a while  
until the harassment from the Herring Gulls forced it to leave. It  
flew towards the outer reach of the jetty and then sat in. I didn't  
look for it again.

Along the low tide line of the Morane Trail beach, there were quite a  
few shorebirds (100+) tucked in and escaping the wind among the  
smaller cobble stones. Mostly dunlin, 34 Ruddy Turnstones, 5 PURPLE  
SANDPIPERS.  1 Black Bellied Plover in a large flock of fly by  
Dunlins/Sanderlings/Turnstones/Purple Sandpipers headed towards the  

The single drake COMMON EIDER was sleeping near shore at the end of  
the Morane Trail. He eventually swam down the shoreline and was close  
to the jetty.

There are still two flocks of Horned Larks in the park: 1 flock of 40+  
birds near the Nature Center, and 1 flock of 25 at the western end of  
the park.I didn't see any Lapland Longspurs or Pipits in either flock,  
but there were 2 white faced Horned Larks.

A single Coopers Hawk flew over the middle beach parking lot as I was  
leaving the park. 3 Flickers in the trees at the circle.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Winter and Happy Birding!!

Keith MUeller   Killingworth

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