[CT Birds] Afternoon Update on Calliope Hummingbird

ls.broker ls.broker at cox.net
Fri Dec 24 18:53:46 EST 2010

 From Steve Broker (Cheshire):
12/24/10 - Guilford, 120 Indian Cove Road at intersection with  
Spencer Avenue -- female CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD.  Observations were  
made from the backyard, left side of house, from 2:40 P.M. until 3:55  
P.M. departure.  From 2:40 P.M. until 3:38 P.M., there were no  
observations of the hummingbird.  A Sachem Head neighbor and fellow  
birder arrived and described her sightings of the Calliope twice  
during the earlier part of the day.  The bird's favored perch site  
(ca. 18 feet up in the left of two close-growing, thick-stemmed  
Eastern Redcedars at back edge of yard) was checked during this mid- 
afternoon observation without spotting the hummingbird.  The bird  
made its first appearance of this observation by flying in to the  
hummingbird feeder at 3:28 P.M., and it remained in view in the yard  
until 3:45 P.M..  During this time (with a group of six birders  
present), several trips were made to the feeder, and otherwise the  
bird perched in the Redcedar.  At the feeder, the Calliope spent most  
of its time hover feeding, landing once on the feeder to continue its  
feeding.  Interestingly, light from the flood lamp below reflecting  
off the feeder simulated a red gorget on the bird.  When in the  
Redcedar after feeding, the Calliope's long tongue was extended  
several times - something we undoubtedly would do with the same food  
source.  I understand that this bird is nicely plumped up from its  
condition when it was first observed. 

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