[CT Birds] Wing tagged Ring-billed Gull

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 25 17:56:43 EST 2010

While searching areas around the northern Hartford Meadows this morning in a vain attempt to find Paul C.'s Rough-legged Hawk, I spotted a Ring-billed Gull with a bright yellow wing tag number 269 on it.  I did some research this evening on the reservoir tagging program that they did in MA a couple winters ago but the website suggests that they used alphanumeric numbers beginning with the letter "A" for ringers on their study.  Does anybody know of a study that might have resulted in the tagging of the bird I saw and how I can report it?  The bird was tailgating with a bunch of its untagged buddies in the parking lot of the Meadows Music Theater, or whatever they heck they call it this week.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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