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This was some info I posted last year after reporting some tagged gulls I
found.  This is probably the way to start for reporting these gulls.
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Hi All,
Below is a message from researchers in Mass looking at gull populations.  If
you see gulls with tagged wings please make note and help by reporting
them.  -Lynn Jones, Stratford, CT

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Recently we have been getting many sightings of our tagged gulls in CT.  I
just wanted to send a friendly reminder that we are still taking tagged gull
sightings.  They are important to our research.

 Since October of 2009 (the beginning of this year’s season) we tagged over
240 gulls in the Wachusett and Quabbin areas bringing our total number of
tagged gulls to 890 gulls .  Each gull was banded and tagged.  The tags we
use are colored wing (or patagial) tags.  Please see the website below for a
picture of a wing-tagged Ring-billed gull so you can see what they look
like.  They can be seen from a distance (with binos) and sometimes with the
naked eye.  We got a lot of re-sightings from birders like you and from the
federal bird banding lab.  These sightings are very important to us.


If you do see a wing tagged bird, please try to get the alpha-numeric
combination on the tag (e.g. A57) and report it to us using my contact
information below.  Sometimes the letter “A” is obscured by the feathers.
We had to move its location to above the number when we hit triple digit
numbers.  That’s ok if you don’t see the letter.  All ring-bills have the
letter “A”.  The important part is the number.  Common places they are seen
are at landfills, parking lots and ball fields (especially with the wet
weather we have been having).  So while you are out there birding, grocery
shopping or at the kid’s soccer game, keep a look out for any of our birds.
I will be happy to provide you with specifics about the bird like where and
when it was caught and any other sightings we have had.

Please pass the word.  Thanks in advance for your help.



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*Ken MacKenzie*

Senior Wildlife Biologist

DCR- Division of Water Supply Protection

180 Beaman Street

West Boylston, MA 01583

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