[CT Birds] Increase in birds at my feeders this year Keith Mueller

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sun Dec 26 15:38:49 EST 2010

I see many are concerned about the fewer numbers of birds visiting  
their feeders this year. The opposite is taking place at my feeders  
this year. I have about the same high numbers of chickadees, juncos,  
titmice, cardinals, white breasted nuthatches, downy and red bellied  
woodpeckers as last year (and of course the same number of coppers and  
sharp shinned hawks). But the blue jays, mourning doves, purple and  
house finches, goldfinches, pine siskins and white throated sparrows  
have noticeably increased. Also I had 5 fox sparrows together for a  
short time, as well as 3 towhees and a rose breasted grosbeak. I am  
not sure what this means, but I am filling seven feeders every other  

Keith MUeller   Killingworth

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