[CT Birds] Final Desription of Unknown Bird

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So far, the people I have heard from - thank you all - have said hermit thrush.  I have thought that but it seemed to be smaller than the 'hermits' I have seen, but variation within a species does exist so maybe that is what it was.



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>On my way home today, I drove down South Pomperaug Road here in Woodbury and along the side of the road saw the following described (to the best of my ability) bird PERCHED on a small branch of a shrub:
>1.  the bird was small - sparrow size
>2.  the back, head, and wings of the bird were basically solid brownish red
>3.  the breast of the bird was a greyish white - not bright white but not grey like a mockingbird
>4.  along the both sides of the breast going up towards throat area, it looked like checkered/squarish spots
>5.  the spots stops below the bill forming a sort of 'V-neck sweater' look
>6.  the bill looked brown on the bottom and black on top
>7.  bill looked more like a warblers than the chiseled sparrow bill
>8.  complete white eye ring
>9.  pink legs and feet
>OK - that's the best I could do and see through binocs while blocking road
>Marty from Woodbury
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