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Charlie, Some conifers have a substance that may be naturally insect repellent,anti-parasitic.  There is a raptor rehabilitator who uses conifer sprigs/needlesto treat aspergillosis, a serious fungal disease that causes lesions in airwaysand lungs with often fatal results, and is commonly found in raptors and waterbirds. Apparently, it's something in the vapors that are healing to lungs, airways.So, those hawks are practicing some of nature's wonderous wisdom.  Wouldn'tit be nice if we all did!  Meredith SampsonOld Greenwich 
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Interesting article.  I think that your question as to  whether or not 
Osprey are sending the same message when they consistently place  blue plastic 
items in their nests, is a good one.  For that matter, no one  has come up 
with a definite explanation as to why many hawk  species stick sprigs from 
coniferous trees into their nest  structures. As far as I know, there are still 
different explanations. 

Here is another raptor nesting event which I found interesting: Last year,  
at a location which I will not disclose (obviously), there was a Barred 
Owl,  seemingly sitting on eggs on a daily basis, in an open stick nest  which 
had been previously built by Goshawks. Less than 100 yards away, there was  
an active Goshawk nest and at times the 2 species were both in sight  
simultaneously. The Northern Goshawks apparently tolerated the owl nesting so  
close by, which goes against the "accepted wisdom. "

Charlie Barnard Jr.
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