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Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Wed Jan 26 17:12:58 EST 2011

I agree with Frank Gallo on this one.  In voting, I considered  not only 
past records, but also the likelihood of seeing a particular species in  the 
future within Connecticut. Northern Lapwing has occurred on multiple  
occasions in the northeast - as close to Connecticut as Long Island.   It was only 
a matter of time before we had one confirmed here. It was  a great find to 
be sure (nice work Phil and we know you really worked to be  sure of the ID), 
but one that was not completely unexpected.  
Wasn't there a poll asking participants to choose bird species which had  
never been seen before in Connecticut and were most likely to make a  
confirmed appearance at some point? I would bet that most who voted in that  poll 
included Northern Lapwing and did not include White-tailed Kite. 
I was also surprised that the banded Barnacle Goose which was first seen in 
 New York and then reappeared in Stratford and Westport did not show up in 
the  Top 10 on this poll. Yes, we have seen many Barnacle Geese, relatively 
speaking,  over the last 20 years. However, their origin was never known 
with certainty.  About the best the COA could do was to accept a sighting as 
being of a truly  wild bird based upon it's association with Canada Geese or 
White-fronted Geese  which were known, by bands, to have come from Greenland. 
 Never was there a  Barnacle Goose which itself carried a band - or at 
least a band that could be  read.  This bird did however, and thus became the 
first of it's species  within Connecticut whose history could be traced and 
whose origin left no  doubt. I think that made it a noteworthy bird. 
This whole thing was fun and of course there were no "right or wrong"  
choices. A lot of it was subjective.   I look forward to seeing the full  
article about the results in the future. Thanks to Frank Mantlik and Joe  Zeranski 
for this idea. 
Charlie Barnard Jr.

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