[CT Birds] top 10 list..

David Tripp jr dtrippjr at comcast.net
Wed Jan 26 20:56:44 EST 2011

Thanks Chris, 
Nearly a complete ditto on my part. Thank you Frank for asking for my input. Like Chris, I was one of the 21 that didn't get their results in on time. Life has been crazy. 
As for the Kite vs Lapwing, they were both awesome sights!  The Kite would have edged the Lapwing for me for the same comments Chris mentioned. I loved the daily updates Scott provided and the cooperativeness the bird showed for the in AND out of state birders. The majestic Fork-tailed Fly followed right behind those for the same reasons, the easy viewing and long stay and the rareness of the bird. The other two would have been Calliope and Western Grebe.
After my what would have been top five, the East Hartford Avocets had a place somewhere in my ten. It may have been Mark Szantyr's photos and the "inland buzz" that put them there.
Anyway, these votes and input didn't count towards the tally. Again, thanks Frank for taking the initiative and time for doing this. It is also great seeing Nick chime in with his "Next for Connecticut" update.

Good Birding,

Dave Tripp

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