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Add to overpopulation:  the mismanagement and excessive consumption of natural resources,in which our country is notoriously a leader. The book sounds like a definite must-read as we teeter on the edge of the sixth extinction.Thank you, Neil for bringing it to our attention. May I recommend looking into and supporting the Center for Biological Diversity.
They are the Davids that take on Goliath threats to biodiversity.  There was a recent NY Timesarticle highlighting and praising the successful work of CBD.   Meredith SampsonOld Greenwich
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I am a rare visitor to this email address and the discussions it carries. But I 
have been moved to add this.

I just skimmed through the Peregrine letters, �and by coincidence am reading 
"Hot, Flat, and Crowded - Why We Need A Green Revolution - And How It Can Renew 
America." by Thomas L. Friedman� Friedman,� an editorial writer for the New York 
Times, writes usually about foreign affairs, politics, and current events.�
In "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" he also�writes of what is rapidly happening to our 
planet. �(Hot - global warming, Flat - our ability to contact and deal with 
anyone on the earth instantly, Crowded - a world population rapidly.
�approaching nine billion. All of these� are �bringing harmful� change to our 
In this he joins many writers in warning� of our� danger. In chapter six - "The 
Age of Noah -Biodiversity" he hits upon �a major problem. 

For example, every twenty seconds a species becomes extinct. If we add a 
Peregrine we save some diversity.
I could go on and on here.but my interest is in the importance of biodiversity 
which we must maintain. What would the earth be without it?�So, hello 
Peregrines. As birders� we can enjoy the birds and� maybe we can also help to 
put a stop to the distruction of biodiversity and our planet.

Neil Currie

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