[CT Birds] This morning a bit of this-and-that Keith Mueller

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Mon Feb 7 11:06:28 EST 2011

Spent the morning looking for white winged gulls with no luck.

Started first thing at Long Wharf. Very few gulls (all typical  
species) but the Ruddies are back in the cove and bulkhead near Leons.  
Ruddy Ducks-75, Scaup (mostly Greater)-75, Gadwall-50.

WEst Haven boat ramp- after looking through a mass of 300 gulls  
nothing other than typical species. 7 Fish Crows

West Haven beaches to Bradley Rock. Many gulls which I didn't spend  
too much time looking through (sun was very harsh and backlit the  
birds too much)

There were a few hundred Brant feeding along the low tide areas across  
the street from Chicks Restaurant. There were approx 2500 Scaup in the  
harbor: small raft off Oyster Point, larger raft in the middle of the  
harbor, and the largest raft south of the sandspit near the inner  

Madison: drove along Seaview Ave and found 40+ Common Goldeneyes  
behind Tuxis Island, east to Whistler Rocks. Again the sun was too  
harsh to look for any possible Barrows, but in the east flock by  
Whistler Rocks were 1 hen Surf Scoter and 1 hen COMMON EIDER.

Nothing other than the usual species in Hammonasset.

Keith Mueller   Killingworth

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