[CT Birds] Southport Survey # 255

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Feb 10 11:48:08 EST 2011

Southport Survey # 255
30 January 2011

The tide was nearly low, with the rocks of the island exposed but the  
sand bar portion still covered. The water was calm and the sky was  

Black Ducks were working around the island. Soon a group moved off  
towards where the sand bar would be and waited; some began tipping.  
They were joined by about 40 Canada Geese were also working the  
island and were scattered along the shore. Long-tailed Duck again  
were in the distance but showed no courtship behavior.  The flock of  
Common Goldeneye off the bluff between Southport Beach and Burying  
Hill Beach was gone. Loons and Honed Grebes returned to being scarce.  
The Red-breasted Mergansers were scattered about and feeding. The  
pair of Gadwall continued at Pine Creek Beach. while another pair  
turned up at the mouth of Sasco Creek with a new pair of American Wigeon

Southport Harbor continued to be frozen except for the small patch by  
the bridge and the entrance. At the bridge most of the birds were  
Canada Geese and Mallards with a couple of Hooded Mergansers,  
Bufflehead and the Coot. At Southport Beach the mouth of Sasco Creek  
was full of Canada Geese and Mallards. The Mute Swans were scattered  
along the shore. Most of the Hooded Mergansers were in the creek on  
the north side of the road.

Since the flats at Southport Beach were exposed, most of the gull  
were out there feeding. The big piles of snow continued to prevent  
people from parking. None of the gulls showed any interest in begging  
for food. The Ruddy Turnstones were busy feeding at the end of the  
jetty at Sasco Hill Beach.

Dennis Varza

DATE	1/9   	1/17	1/30	2/10
Tide	Low 	High	High	Low
Time	8:05	7:10	7:50	7:25

Canada Goose	676_320_330_415
Mute Swan	9_4_10_12
American Wigeon	0_0_0_2
Gadwall	0_2_2_4
American Black Duck	22_53_14_24
Mallard	47_127_24_99
Canvasback	1_0_0_0
Long-tailed Duck	21_71_61_62
Bufflehead	24_24_1_15
Common Goldeneye	31_27_45_9
Hooded Merganser	14_12_5_8
Red-breasted Merganser	6_25_19_40
Common Loon	1_1_3_2
Red-throated Loon	2_0_2_2
Horned Grebe	4_1_22_7
Great Cormorant	2_3_1_1
American Coot	1_1_1_1
Ruddy Turnstone	0_0_0_18
Dunlin 	28_0_0_0
Ring-billed Gull Ad.	129_48_56_59
Ring-billed Gull Im.	2_0_0_0
Herring Gull Ad.   	177_54_57_159
Herring Gull Im.   	5_0_1_5
Great Black-backed Gull Ad.	4_6_6_6

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