[CT Birds] Need some help for ID

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 4 10:54:28 EDT 2011

Need some ID help!

This morning at around 10:00, while outside, I noticed one of my pigeons looking 
up at something,being usually a hawk. But it was not. 

My first impression was a G blk back gull but no! It was flying straight south, 
med height and all dark because of the dark dank weather, so no field marks to 
be seen, just silhouette.

It flapped slowly with extra long wings and no bending of the wing as it flew. I 
then thought Loon, but the bird presented itself as huge and the wings seemed to 
long. Also the tail was very long and to a point. Loon would have legs showing, 
this did not.The head was also big with what looked like two stages, thick neck 
with an indent than head, not a continual taper. I ran into the house to do a 
quick sketch, knowing this was a special bird that i did not recognize. Below 
are my impressions on what I looked up in the books.........

Albatross - yah right. They all seemed to have non pointed tails. 

Loons - all to small and short in the tail with usually legs showing .this bird 
had longer wings as well.

Frigate bird - yah right - wings to curved - I know this bird.

Gulls - my first impression, but this bird was to big and wings to long.

Pelican - no all around.

Shearwaters/Petrels - close, but body's to light in weight and not as large. I 
know of these birds, but not completely convinced this was not a large version I 
do not know of.

Booby - Gannets - Seems best fit. Because of size and pointy tail, and stocky 
head and neck, my best guess but not certain. 

Any ideas out there? I know many Gannets are being seen at the shore, but this 
guy was 50 miles inland headed south! We haven't had any strong storms of late, 
and only one coming in this morn from the west? Could this bird have gotten 
caught in this west storm?

as you can see, I am perplexed and need help with this strange bird. Please e me 
and i will send you my sketch.....Thanks, Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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