[CT Birds] Bobolinks and Kestrel in Goshen and Litchfield

Kfinnan at aol.com Kfinnan at aol.com
Wed May 4 07:49:02 EDT 2011

A late day bicycle ride turned up a number of interesting birds.   
Bobolinks have shown up in their preferred fields.  Unfortunately for them,  
construction is underway in two of the fields, both in Goshen.  Warblers  were 
numerous but included nothing out of the ordinary.
>From Kevin Finnan:
5/3/11 - Crossman Rd., Goshen - American Kestrel; along a loop including  
Crossman Rd. and Newcomb Rd. in Goshen and Beach St. in Litchfield - 13  
Bobolinks; along a loop including Ashley Dr., Wellsford Dr., Sherbrook Dr. and  
Beach St. in Goshen - 5 Pileated Woodpeckers, 2 Brown Creepers.
5/4/11 - Goshen - Vernal pool nearby the yard - a Northern Waterthrush  
dropped-in, overnight.
Kevin Finnan

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