[CT Birds] Barn Island birds

Carol Ansel carolansel at gmail.com
Mon May 23 01:01:08 EDT 2011

Nice day birding at Barn Island today!

Yellow warblers all over the place

catbirds all over, too - nice shot of one with nesting materials en bec

Marsh wrens calling, saw 2 nests on the  north side of 2nd impoundment

got a couple of nice shots of a willet doing a short hop and showing  
his wings nicely at the same spot

common redstarts still around

pretty sure we saw a peregrine falcon sitting in the tree @ the 4th  
impoundment that usually has an osprey in it - pictures are pretty  
lousy even with the 400 mm lens, but take a look, let us know what you  


hit the jackpot on the last impoundment - a pair of nesting brown  
thrashers, a willow flycatcher (very clear fitz-bew call), and an  
orchard oriole

Very nice birthday present for Walter!
Carol & Walter Ansel

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