[CT Birds] Radar

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue May 24 00:30:29 EDT 2011

Tonight the radar shows at least the start of pretty heavy migration trailing immediately behind the heavy weather as it moves east (more like east-north-east) through the state.  No way to know how far it will go or long it will last, but at the moment the NW corner is where it is strongest while the bad weather is down the middle of the state.

In response to some questions about what radar I look at, I have posted it in past years but not recently so here it goes.

The URL is:

Within there I choose Regional reflectivity.  To the right you can choose the date, the end time, and whether you want a single image or a sequence of images for a time span.  In choosing a time remember these are UTC (aka GMT) times, currently four hours ahead of our Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  When all that is set I click on the map where Long Island is to center the results on that radar.  It takes time to learn to tell the birds from the weather, but tonight's data would be a good chance to practice that.

There is more to play with, including clicking on the words Contiguous U.S. at the top of the map, or choosing 0.5° Velocity instead of Regional Reflectivity, but the above should get you started.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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