[CT Birds] Update on the Travelers peregrines

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Thu May 26 21:56:56 EDT 2011

Hi Everyone - here is the latest status update on the Travelers peregrine chicks - banding information provided by Julie Victoria  - CT DEP 

The chicks are 2 males and 2 females, and the adults are the same adults as last year.  

for those of you who dont know the parents history or origin - here is some info from our website - about the parents: 

The female falcon occupying the nest hails from the Ideal Box Company building in Lawrence, Essex County, MA. She was banded as a nestling on 06.04.03 (band # 0987-98050). 

The male attendant hails from the Colonnade Building site in Golden Valley, MN according to Dr. Patrick Redig of the University of Minnesota - The Raptor Center and The Bell Museum. He was banded on 05.28.98 (band # 2206-41015) and given the name “Goldeneye.” 

If the male was banded in 1998 and it's now 2011 , that would make the male approximately 13 years old - wow!  do raptors/peregrines usually live that long in the wild? 

and this male is passing his longevity and good survival genes along to his chicks.   this pair has had at least 8 chicks  together - 3  - 1 year,  1  last year and this year - 4. 

Mona Cavallero 

West Hartford, CT 

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