[CT Birds] Hummingbird feeder mystery

Jerry Connolly birdshop at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 11 18:40:45 EDT 2011

We here at the Audubon Shop would strongly suspect a Raccoon as the culprit--especially since Dana indicated that the raiding was done sometime in the night.  Raccoons have strong and dexterous digits with which to pull feeders apart piece by piece.  They have been known to haul the feeders away into the woods to take them apart, as well.  Occasionally a curious squirrel might do that in the early morning, too, but they would probably chew on the feeder, as well.  
We have rec'd many calls at the shop lately for feeders and nesting boxes that have been raided, or otherwise disturbed, overnight.  
Two suggestions: take the feeder in at dusk, or reposition it to a place where Raccoons can't get it, such as on a suction cup hanger on a window, or hang from a soffit in front of a window...  
We also sell Raccoon baffles (longer than squirrel baffles) for feeder and birdhouse poles, but I think it would be overkill for a small hummingbird feeder.

Janet Connolly
The Audubon Shop

> OK all you armchair detectives....
>>> Yesterday I cleaned and restocked my hummingbird feeder.  I have the Droll
>>> Yankee LF-2 model that has little rubber flowerpetal-shaped ports that snap
>>> in flat to the top of the feeder bowl and have ant guard tips on the
>>> inside.
>>> Something pulled out two of the ports (which were lying on the ground under
>>> the feeder this morning) so that there were just two plain, exposed holes
>>> into the nectar bowl.
>>> Ideas as to what had the strength and dexterity to do that?

> I had a female Balt. Oriole at my hummingbird feeder last week.
>   ~Carol in Harwinton
>> FWIW, I've had both Catbirds and Downy Woodpeckers feeding at my hummingbird
>> feeder this year.
>> Roy Zartarian

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