[CT Birds] Westport/Fairfield highlights, nice migrants

Scott Kruitbosch skruitbosch at ctaudubon.org
Thu Jul 14 18:18:51 EDT 2011

Spent the day mapping and surveying a few Connecticut Audubon Society properties. Here are some of the migrants and other highlights:

 From Scott Kruitbosch with Twan Leenders & Roxanne Leshine:
07/14/11 - Westport, H. Smith Richardson Wildlife Preserve and Christmas Tree Farm -- 1 ORCHARD ORIOLE, 1 BALTIMORE ORIOLE, 2 INDIGO BUNTING, ~15 YELLOW WARBLER (mix of breeders and migrants), 1 AMERICAN REDSTART, 1 WORM-EATING WARBLER. That was a cool bird to see as a southbound migrant in mid-July! A little bit of luck and pishing and I was able to pop it out into the open. Several BARN, BANK, TREE, and NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW on the move.
Fairfield, John W. Field Sanctuary -- 3 SOLITARY SANDPIPER discovered by Twan, 1 BALTIMORE ORIOLE, at least five young WOOD DUCK with mom.
Fairfield, Banks South Farm -- 1 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, young of many species including Eastern Towhee, Eastern Wood-Pewee, Veery, Scarlet Tanager, House Wren, Tufted Titmouse, etc.

Frank Gallo wanted me to pass along his thought that the strong northwest winds should bring us some more shorebirds. He was right about a few goodies already, and (cynically) considering none of us were at our respective Points today, I'll bet there are great birds present. The sentiments on Richard English are fantastic, great job by everyone.

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