[CT Birds] Possible Eurasian Collared Dove

Fritz and Sheila fritzandsheila at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 10:46:08 EDT 2011

I just saw (at about 09:45) a dove with a squared tail that had prominent white markings in the terminal corners.
It flew up and in front of my car at eye level as I drove slowly past it as it was foraging by the roadside. I did not see any black markings on the tail, nor black and white on the wings. It was so close and I was going slow enough that I got a good look at the upper body and wings. The white markings on the square tail were the only prominent markings. It looked pale overall, so I do not think it was a white-winged dove. 
I saw it where Wickham Road intersects Olmstead Road, immediately SE of Post Pond in East Haddam, a very forested area. It was foraging in the sand and gravel where Wickham changes from paved to unpaved right by the roadside. It flew into the woods. I could not stop to look further for it as I had an appointment. Not sure how rare/unusual it is.

Harold Moritz
fritzandsheila at pobox.com

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