[CT Birds] Action Alert- Steward B. McKinney NWR at risk of being closed

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Tue Jul 26 14:07:51 EDT 2011

Please see the below action alert from David Yarnold, President of Audubon.
The reductions of State and Tribal Wildlife Grants will severely reduce
funding for birds and other wildlife in Connecticut.  (60% of DEEP’s
non-game programs are dependent on SWG.) In addition to the below mentioned
cuts, this bill also nearly eliminates funding for the Land and Water
Conservation Fund (LWCF), which funds new acquisitions for National Wildlife
Refuges and slashes funding for Refuges so much that the Stewart B. McKinney
NWR is at risk of being closed.  LWCF does not come from the general fund,
but rather was part of a compromise related to the first offshore drilling
leases.  In order to allow for drilling, some percentage of the revenue was
targeted to support conservation of wildlife habitat through LWCF.  The bill
also takes all science out of the Endangered Species Act by preventing the
FWS from listing any new endangered species (regardless of merit),
designating habitat that is critical to a species' survival, or challenging
delisting decisions in court.   This bill has been called the worst assault
on wildlife and environmental protection in a generation.

Please contact your Representative today…they need to hear from a lot of
us!  The links below make this easy with one click you can be connected with
your elected representatives:

Conservation funding for the lands and wildlife that we hold dear has been
slashed to the bone in the sorely misguided House spending bill that funds
natural resource programs.

Conservation programs targeted by this bill, HR 2584, protect our National
Parks, Refuges and other wildlife areas. The cuts run the gamut, but among
the most alarming are *dramatic reductions to State and Tribal Wildlife
Grants* and the *complete elimination** of the Neotropical Migratory Bird
Conservation Fund*.

*We expect the House to vote on this bill **tomorrow**. Please send an email
today and urge your U.S. Representative to oppose HR 2584 and attacks on
natural resources

State and Tribal Wildlife grants face a nearly 65% reduction under this
bill. These grants help *keep wildlife off the endangered species
list*through state-based conservation programs. The Neotropical
Migratory Bird
Conservation Fund is a small-dollar program that has *huge benefits for
migratory species*, with a proven track record of reversing habitat loss and
advancing conservation strategies for songbirds and other migratory species.

*But Wait—There's More*
*The Extinction Rider to this bill is the most sweeping attempt in recent
history to gut the Endangered Species Act*, paralyzing our nation’s ability
to protect hundreds of imperiled species. The rider prevents the U.S. Fish &
Wildlife Service (USFWS) from spending any money to implement some of the
most crucial sections of the Endangered Species Act, jeopardizing America’s
natural heritage for all future generations.

*We can't stand by while Congress attacks our most cherished values. Tell
your U.S. Representative that you expect him/her to stand up against HR
2584. <http://www.audubonaction.org/site/R?i=YOTk45f3HY5KhafX8GH_3Q..>*


 Good birding,

Ken Elkins
Connecticut Ornithological Association

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