[CT Birds] Action alert HR 2854

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
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Feeding hungry children is about the immediate quality of our society, and 
protecting species and water quality is about the long-term quality of our 

I can't agree more with David about the appropriateness of forwarding these 
political emails.  I would like to add that this particular of use of 
federal funds is for our country's long-term health and welfare.  So much of 
our governmental expense is for immediate needs (social issues, military, 
etc.) -- and far less than 1% is directed toward our nation's long-range 
health and environmental future.  If we don't protect our clean air, water, 
and biodiversity in the long run, we will undermine our own health and --  
absolutely -- our happiness.  We need to fund visionary programs as well. 
Too often our politicians are blinded by calls for immediate, urgent help 
and neglect the long-term visions that ultimately define our society.  It is 
our job to remind them not sacrifice the future to short-term demands.

I was glad to receive the email.  I hope people will express their opinions 
to their elected officials.

Sarah Faulkner

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>I know many people on this forum do not want to receive what they believe 
>are political messages. I understand that. However I believe it to be 
>incumbent upon those of us who value the future of our world to do our bit. 
>I am aware that many members of this forum already play active roles in the 
>protection and conservation of our natural world. The message Ken posted is 
>an important one. Please take the time to follow the link in Ken's email 
>and contact your elected representatives concerning this latest attempt to 
>erode environmental protection in this country. Of course I appreciate the 
>economic realities we face, but these issues are being exploited to weaken 
>environmental protections in ways that benefit few and harm many. I know 
>some people feel their voices don't matter, that those with money and 
>influence will always win the day. Even if that were true (and it is NOT 
>always true) standing up for what you believe in is always the right thing 
>to do regardless of the outcome. So please heed Ken's message. Much of the 
>remaining natural beauty of our country exists because others before us 
>took the initiative to be heard. Their voices mattered then. Your voice 
>matters now. Why not use it?
> Dave
> Dave Provencher
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