[CT Birds] Captive Monk Parakeet - Stamford

Jim Voros voros at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 1 10:15:47 EDT 2011

Found, Sunday 7/31 in North Stamford, CT
Silver ankle tag AF 987 (if I read it correctly).  No distinguising marks 
otherwise. Grey throat. Appeared healthy and responsive, no injuries.

Parakeet was flying around the neighborhood around 6am-ish, buzzing the early 
risers. I woke up to a strange bird call, couldnt figure out what I was hearing 
since it was out of context.  My neighbors said they saw a 'large green bird' 
that looked like a parrot, and had an ankle bracelet.

Later that morning it was flying around and I was calling for it figuring it was 
captive and social.  (My neighbors thought it was funny that I was using the 
scientific method of  'come here birdie' bird call. They sort of expected as a 
birder I'd have some special whistle or something).  Finally it landed on my 
deck and then came down to a kiddie pool that we have.  Threw a towel over it 
and transferred it to a cat carrier, gave it some finch food and water which it 
happily took. Had no citrus at home, so it had to do.

Currently resides at Animal Embassy in Stamford, in good hands and proper cage.

Thanks to Kathy and Meredith for the advice and encouragement.

If you know this bird, please contact Animal Embassy.

For the record, we don't have wild Monk Parakeets in residence this far north in 
Stamford.  All in all a fun experience.

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