[CT Birds] Backyard very quiet

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Mon Aug 1 22:08:02 EDT 2011

My backyard, too, is surprisingly quiet.  There is the occasional chip of a chipping sparrow, but the only bird calls that are routine are the hummingbirds, who are yelling at each other and being territorial.  I saw a gorgeous rth male chase off an angry tufted titmouse this afternoon!  But I am still seeing birds -- they just aren't talking.  Backyard regulars:

Purple finch
Ruby throated hummingbirds
Tufted titmice
chipping sparrows
Northern flicker
downy woodpeckers
hairy woodpeckers
Mourning doves
Chimney swifts (at twilight)
Rock doves
and, of course, house sparrows (but not as many!)

Sarah Faulkner

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