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Very True Jan! 

i feel the same way and have had the same experience this year  in my garden and yard.    i've been visited by skunks, raccoons, a baby possum, bunnies and the big surprise - a red fox recently.  i live in a very suburban area with very limited woods and yet, in only two months i've seen alot - the red fox is a first for my west hartford backyard.  and oh yeah,  i forgot - a ground hog  who likes to pull down my plants and eat them occasionally. 

i've also had the delight and good fortune to have a female RT hummer visiting my garden daily every nite between 6:30 -  8 pm.  her visits have become so regular that i can pull up a lawn chair and wait for her and point her out to  any visiting, admiring friends.  a few days ago, when i was watering the garden,  she came and swooped under the spray and literally hovered in front of me - a mere 2 ft away at eye level for several seconds.   i saw every detail on her face and body and let me tell you - that was a huge thrill.   i am not sure who was more curious about the other - her or me!  I've been working on my garden for at least 10 years building and changing and upgrading to make suitable for hummers , other birds, and wildlife - looks like i hit the jackpot this year.   i also have had the hummingbird moth and a few other interesting insects as well as many skippers, butterflies and moths. 

I do have a question.   I have also seen another hummingbird a few times recently -  i saw two of them around dusk - circling each other up into the air and it was great to see.   but what is this behavior?  isnt it too late in the season for mating display or territorial maneuvers?   could this be a  mother and child?  or maybe the female is just territorial and warding off another hummer?  very curious. 

on the thread of the chimney swifts, - i see one or a few flying over my backyard often - i think they are nesting or have nested in the old Elmwood Theatre or the Elmwood senior center here in west hartford - both of which are old brick buildings with a few chimneys.   this is the second year i've seen them in that area and i often see them over my yard - since i live very close to that area.  tonite - i saw one flying around - but it headed north - back in the direction of the roost or nest area. 

Mona Cavallero 
West Hartford 


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Got home from work and went to clean/refill bird baths when I saw movement in the "wilderness" section of my yard. Usually it's a deer, and at first glance I thought it was a small deer. But then it stopped. And I stopped. And it was a coyote! 

Now, having grown up in CA, I'm used to the raggedy slinky "Wiley Coyote" types.  Kinda like a guy in a bar trying to pick you up wearing a "leisure suit".   This was not that guy!  I remember the discussion about Coyote X Wolf, and this looked more like that possibility. This Coyote was bigger, less dissheveled looking and did seem to have a good-sized head. He was pretty intimidating!  After a good staring, he walked off, but I'm thinking I may not need to apply Bobbex to my plants to keep the deer away anymore! 

Also, around dusk I was gonna go out and fill my bird feeders on the deck.  When I looked outside to make sure there were no more birds at the feeders, what do I find but a baby racoon asleep on my deck railing! 

I guess trying to make your yard bird friendly doesn't stop with the birds. 

Jan Hollerbach 

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