[CT Birds] Gray-hooded Gull continues at Coney Island NYC on Aug 2nd

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 01:25:54 EDT 2011

For anybody interested in seeing the mega-rare Gray-hooded Gull in New York
City, here is some practical info on driving and parking....as requested by
several birders today....
On Tuesday August 2nd this gull flew in from the east at exactly 730am
(3minutes after Keith Mueller and I arrived on the Coney Island boardwalk),
and it apparently continued in the area until about 6pm, after which time it
could not be found, although we believe it will most likely be back
tomorrow. This 730am arrival proved that the gull can be found in the early
morning hours, not just the afternoon.  It hung out on the sandy beach,
mostly waking around in the beach area between the boardwalk and the ocean,
at the south end of west 12th street, Brooklyn, NY  11224.  The gull appears
attracted to this area, and reluctant to leave, probably because of food
scattered around the trash cans on the beach, and an occasional fresh water
sprayed from a "plastic palm tree" shower on the beach.  The gull is about
as tame as the other gulls in the area, and seems likely to stay around for
a while. It would sometimes walk toward birders, approaching within 20 feet,
perhaps hoping for food.

Depart CT at 5am or 530am to beat the traffic, which can be extremely heavy
and slow along this route during workday rush hours.
Follow your GPS to   2802 W 12th St, New York, NY 11224   and park in the
open parking lot at that address (pay the attendant $10 for the day). Then
walk south on W 12th street for 1/4mile to the beach....the neighborhood
seems relatively safe. Arrive at the boardwalk and scan all the dozens of
gulls sitting on the sandy beach. The light gray hood is pretty striking.
 Good luck!
Keith Mueller and I departed Meriden CT around 520am and arrived at the
Coney Island boardwalk around 725am, and experienced no delays at all from
the light traffic at that early hour. We drove down the Merritt Pkwy, the
Hutchinson Pkwy, the Bronx/Whitestone bridge, VanWyck Expwy toward JFK
airport, then west on the Belt Pkwy to exit 7b and then turned left/south
onto Ocean Parkway. Then turned right onto Neptune Ave, and then left onto
West 12th Street.  The open parking lot is on the right side of West 12th

ON THE WAY HOME:  You might want to stop at nearby Jamaica Bay Wildlife
Refuge on Cross Bay Blvd (about 20minutes driving from the gull). Today
there was a Hudsonian Godwit at the East Pond, directly east of the refuge's
main building.
FOR WIKIPEDIA'S ENTRY:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grey-headed_Gull
FOR AUGUST 2ND PHOTOS OF THIS INDIVIDUAL:  post will be available in a few
days at this blog... http://coastalbirds2.blogspot.com/

Tom Robben
Glastonbury CT
robben99 at gmail.com

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