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Wed Aug 3 14:26:30 EDT 2011

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The end of July is the beginning of newly fledged chimney swifts to enter the mix. They can easily be distinguished from adults by their pristine plumage compared to the molting adults. At this time roosts will begin to grow in numbers as the young of the year join other roosting swifts.  Migration movement should not occur until the adults are finished molting and of course breeding. Many swifts still have young in nests at this time.  IME the breeding adults will roost in their breeding chimney until very close to migration as I have witnessed this for many years at the sanctuary. 

The swift and swallow pavilion and chimney was successful in attracting a nesting pair of swifts this summer. The young are currently still in the nest and have not begun to move about the chimney yet. Swifts that failed the first try will often try again and can be caring for young through August.

Jayne Amico
Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary

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