[CT Birds] Readings 4

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Mon Aug 8 06:31:48 EDT 2011

Readings 4
Order Raptores	PREYING BIRDS.
Family Bubonidae	OWLS

The syllables of the Barred Owl according to Mr. Chapman (and my own  
observations have lead to a similar conclusion), are, whoo-whoo-whoo,  
whoo, to-whoo-ah. The difference between this hoot and that of the  
Great Horned Owl, whose record follows is apparent at a glance, but  
there is also a rising inflection to the voice of the Barred Owl,  
which is a better point of discrimination. Farther than this, from a  
musical standpoint, it seems unnecessary to go, as Owls can scarcely  
be classed among the song-birds. They are raptorial and their voices  
convey to the ear a very tolerable idea of their character.

The Owl’s eye is fixed in its socket; as a consequence the head turns  
around as through it were fixed upon a pivot. I imagine the Owl is  
therefore a perfect example of what according to current slang, is  
termed  the rubber neck!

Dennis Varza

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