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This morning I spotted a beautiful Cedar Waxwing fluttering around and across both sides of the eastern end of the station platform. The GF station, which is at the end of an inlet marsh that connects to Burying Hill Beach, is a reliable place for seeing a nice range of migrants as well as residents. A Waxwing pair had returned late April and I hadn't seen them since, until today. The RW B'birds return to the marsh in March; 1st week of May every year brings back the Yellow Warblers, commong yt's, Balto Orioles (seen and heard last week); their cheerful songs are very welcome t/o the Spring and Summer as I'm waiting to commute. Osprey and Great Blue Herons sometimes fly over. Kinglets went thru in a flock earlier in the year; Grackles abound. And we have our residents, Downy WP, Cardinals, Titmouse, RT Hawk.

Earlier this year, a lot of trees popular with Yellow Warblers were torn down to the west of the station, along the parking lot, New Haven side, to make way for a power station, which is now speedily rising and uglifying the area. It is heartbreaking that the habitat is gone and I do think I saw and heard fewer YW's this year than previously.  Does anyone know if this kind of station has the potential to hurt birds if they land on structures within it? I can't seem to find out anything about it, if it was approved by DEP/CT...  Any advice on how to inquire would be much appreciated. 

Leslie Meredith
Westport, CT 

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 Hi All,

Still fairly quiet on the returning shorebird front at Grace Salmon Park in Westport and Sherwood Island. Still it was good to catch up with everyone and we managed to enjoy a little refresher session on separating yellowlegs and aging and identifying the common peeps (about 150 Semi-P's on the flats and 25+ Leasts). Highlights were in the form of a couple of Yellow-crowned Night-Herons (1 adult and 1 juvie) and the rather surprising sighting of a female Northern Pintail.

>From Luke Tiller, Gina Nichol and Sunrise Birding Group
08/06/11 - Westport, Grace Salmon Park -- 2 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, 1 Northern Pintail.

Good Birding
Luke Tiller, Greenwich


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