[CT Birds] falcons vs. blackbirds

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Since we are swapping mid-air raptor catches, I have a cool experience to share if y'all will grant me this one pardon (since it was witnessed by me whilst not in CT). Paul's Falco vs. Agelaius story reminded me of the time I was out on Sandy Hook in NJ and all of the sudden in an instant every shorebird in the vicinity took to the air in a flurry and bolted past me heading north. I thought it must be a raptor and turned to look south to see a Peregrine winging its way up the hook. Then, one of the displaying Red-winged Blackbirds in the nearby marsh - perhaps bursting with testosterone that spring afternoon - thought it wise to fly straight upward into the air to perhaps harrass the "hawk" that was invading its territorial airspace.  In mid-ascent it must have dawned on the blackbird that it was a falcon and not a hawk, as the blackbird put the skids on suddenly. But before the blackbird could turn to retreat, the Peregrine did a quick dip from its trajectory and easily nabbed the ill-fated icterid, turned, and flew back south down the Hook from whence it came.

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Just a short observation I had years ago like Dave Ps about migration and


I was at Bakersville swamp in New Hartford, watching the recently arrived

Red-winged Blackbirds setting up their territories. I had one beautiful

displaying male filling my bins, when all of a sudden - WHAM! A Merlin surprised

this displaying male from behind and silently flew off with it in it's talons,

in the same direction the BB was going. Quick, silent, efficient and boy was it

a shocker for me to witness this unexpected capture in an instant!

Paul Carrier


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