[CT Birds] Peregrine catch

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Tue Aug 9 19:31:07 EDT 2011

While on the topic of raptor attacks, I thought I would share this story from a few years ago on the beach here in Fairfield. A Peregrine Falcon was cruising down the beach, and in the process flushed up a flock of Ruddy Turnstones. One turnstone was separated from the group, and the falcon began to climb into the air. At about 70 feet up, it stooped down right towards the turnstone in flight. However, just as they always fly, zig-zag, the turnstone banked away just in time. But then the turnstone flew right into the talons of the second Peregrine that had appeared right over the jetty! It was a pretty cool example of cooperative hunting by a pair of Peregrines.

James Purcell

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