[CT Birds] CTBirds Digest, Vol 1630, Issue 2

hopkinsus at cs.com hopkinsus at cs.com
Sat Aug 13 16:39:15 EDT 2011

We have 6 single port tube feeders which are having to be re-filled at  
least twice a day because of Hummer and Baltimore Oriole activity.  We  
also have a small circulating
fountain with a about 2 gallon capacity.  I photograph both species.   
I am thinking of mixing the usual 1:4 ratio of sugared water for the  
fountain to entice the birds to use the
spray and possibly feed from the ornamental copper lilly leaves.  I am  
aware that the water must be kept fresh and clean and it might be too  
much of an enticement for yellow
jackets. Has anyone tried something similar and am I overlooking a  
major problem which may be very detrimental?

It sounds nice in theory, Sandy, but one problem I see is that birds might try to bathe in it, not realizing it's sugar water, and would get their feathers coated in sugar water, which would not be good.  I have a lot of birds that bathe in my small fountain, in addition to my bird baths.

Amy Hopkins


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