[CT Birds] Westport WW Scoter and Warbers in the Rain (6:30-10:00am)

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 15 11:18:14 EDT 2011

8/15/11 - Westport - scoped from Compo Beach(west side) -1 Common Loon, 8 American Oystercatchers,(2 on Cockenoe Island,6 on Saugatuck Shores),also Common and Least Terns out on Cockenoe
Compo Beach(facing south near the breakwater at Soundview Ave and South Compo Rd) - 1 adult male White-winged Scoter just after low tide at 7:55am. I scoped it and had great detail views to make a positive ID. A surprise indeed.
Compo Cove - Good numbers of Great and Snowy Egrets, as well as Black-crowned Night-herons, and 2 Glossy Ibis (first time I've seen Ibis here)
My next and last stop was Sherwood and I was really looking for shorebirds ,even though it was low tide and not the optimum time to see them. I did find some but not the numbers or variety that I had yesterday. What I did have was a small fallout of migrants. It pays to get out birding in almost any kind of weather!
Sherwood Island SP - Great Crested Flycatcher,Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,Brown Thrasher (breeds in the park),Yellow Warbler(breeds in the park),Black-and-white Warbler,American Redstart,2 Northern Waterthrush(near the wooden bridge and a first for me at Sherwood),Common Yellowthroat,Canada Warbler,5 White-throated Sparrows(in the pine grove).
All these birds birds were seen near the Mill Pond viewing platform except where noted.
Tina Green


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