[CT Birds] Crossley ID Guide

Robley Evans rjeva at conncoll.edu
Wed Aug 17 11:23:19 EDT 2011

It has been several weeks since a review of the Crossley ID Guide was posted
here.  I want to note, however, that there is a review of the book in the
August 5 "TLS" ("Times Literary Supplement") that makes an interesting
point.  This reviewer contrasts it with the Sibley guide as being closer to
what he (the reviewer) considers a valuable, traditional kind of
representation.   He finds the Crossley too "theatrical" and perhaps
confusing.  The review reminded me of why I do not use the Sibley: I do not
think the brilliant painted colors "authentic," and the poses seem as
arbitrary as any in Petersen and followers.  Also, I rarely see birds in
flight as painted for every bird; this detail seems to me a space-filler
only.  The varied wings of the Crossley may make such detail worthwhile.  I
continue to prefer the Smithsonian guide to all others: I find the
photographs most faithful in color (the off-shoot guide to Florida birds not
so; some truly bad pics there) and the juxtaposition of several photos of a
bird on the page most helpful.  Any comments?  Or has this topic been
worn-out?  Robley Evans   North Stonington

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