[CT Birds] Today at Lighthouse Point 2011-08-19

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Fri Aug 19 13:05:09 EDT 2011

I spent time this morning at Lighthouse Point in New Haven from 7:30 AM until 10:00AM. While I had no migrating hawks, I did have other migrating birds. There were several Osprey in the area. At one time, I had a total of 6 different ones in the air at one time, but I did not see any that looked to be on the move. The winds were mostly from the South, and at a speed of 5 MPH or so. Cloud cover ranged from 80% to 20%. What I did see migrating were the following:

Eastern Kingbird... 5
Chimney Swift... 10
Barn Swallow... 85
Tree Swallow... 50
Purple Martin... 4
Northern Rough-Wing Swallow... 2
Yellow Warbler... 2   ...Came into the tree where we normally sit, stopped a few and moved on.
Bob-o-Link... 15
Red-winged Blackbird... 30
Common Grackle... 72

There were the usual Starlings, Robins, and gulls flying in the park also.

Bill Banks

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