[CT Birds] Lighthouse Point - 2011-08-23 .. KINGBIRDS

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Tue Aug 23 14:12:09 EDT 2011

I spent the morning from 7:10 AM until 11:20 AM at Lighthouse Point. Lynn James was there to help count. There was a wonderful North Wind at a scale of 3 , the cloud cover was excellent, and we did have birds.........

There were actually 3 migrating hawks... 1 Osprey up high and flying Southwest,  1 Sharp-shinned Hawk, and 1 American Kestrel.

The other birds were incredible this morning...!!

We had 1 Olive-Sided Flycatcher in the Flicker Tree.
One Greater Yellow-legs and 2 Killdeer flew over the site, as well as 6 Least Sandpipers.

Bobolinks were heard..... 75  were seen and counted.
Red-winged Blackbirds... 875
Chimney Swifts... 295

Eastern Kingbirds...  605..  This was the most ever seen by Lynn and I.  We had 2 different flocks of 70 birds, 1 flock of 60 birds, 2 of     30+ birds, and several flocks in the 15 - 20 range count. This was even stranger than the day Greg and I had the big hummingbird day.

Bill Banks

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